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Grundig G2 Reporter: more than Just a Radio

Eton Grundig G2 is a compact radio that can play FM/AM and short wave. The FM/AM receiver is absolutely fantastic with a capability to tune into a number of channels including a few which are not possible with other portable devices. The AM and SW are not in the same league, however they are also pretty decent.

The design of the radio is rather flimsy with a stand that does not lock and has a tendency to collapse easily if touched. The batteries are rechargeable lithium ion which can be charged only using a USB port, no adapter is provided with the Eton Grundig G2, which considering its price is a bit of a shame. Also, as the lithium batteries are not as readily available as a AAs, if the batteries dies on you while travelling there is not much you can do.

The unit comes with an internal mic input to the side that makes it capable of voice recording. Recording from other sources is also possible with some simple clicks on the buttons as a line in jack is provided in the Grundig.

The MP3 and WMA files can be played in order, shuffled, and repeated with the eight equalizer presets that are provided. Adjustable tempo makes the listening experience better; lyrics can also be displayed in the Grundig display screen if one has the right LRC file.

The Grundig display screen is rather miniscule and though it comes with features wherein users can read e-books in it, there are not many who would have the patience to read an e-book four lines at a time. The usage gets a little confusing at times.

To sum it up, here’s a portable device that is much more than a compact radio, however expecting great sound quality might be a little too much from this small appliance.

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