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Keep Track of Your Children with the New Leo GPS Watch

Most parents in a modern world are worried about the safety of their children as the crime rate and child kidnappings increase across the country. Guardian Lion Wireless has come up with a new Leo GPS watch that addresses this concern of the parents. This watch is also a phone, 911 panic button and a GPS locator all rolled into one. It can also be locked onto the wrist, and has a tamper alert which goes off letting you know if anybody is trying to forcibly remove it. Any kidnapper wanting to snatch your child would have to use bolt cutters to remove it. Even if no criminal is involved, there are several children who go missing in a crowd. This can be easily avoided with this new watch.

The watch is also ideal for an older ward that you might have who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. The watch is a subject of the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign. It would be launched in April 2013 irrespective of the results of the campaign. This modern marvel has been priced at $149 presale and would cost $249.95 post launch. The inventor of the watch Jason Sullivan is very optimistic about its performance and has stated that they have exposed it to several 911 centers and have received very positive comments on it.

The campaigning for the watch also includes Marc Klaas who is a very prominent media figure in the child protection advocate arena. Klaas is also party to several rescue and recovery missions as he often works with law enforcement firms to trace missing children. The watch has been created mainly for children aged between 6 to 12 and older people who might be suffering from Alzheimer.

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